Episode 1

“H-hi! My name is Jeroun! Welcome to Newcrest!”


“H-hi! My name is Jeroun! Welcome to Newcrest! Listen, I know this sounds crazy b-but hear me out, ok? You see, I think-….no. No, I know that…well…

the World Is Ending.

My name is Jeroun Joumé. And today is May 26th. Seventeen years ago today I was born. Yep, today’s my birthday! But, lately…lately weird things have been happening.

Newcrest isn’t the most…um…normal town. But the things that have been happening lately…they’re just too weird, you know? Yesterday morning I woke up and looked out the window of my bedroom and there was a…a giant eyeball! Just…staring at me! I-I closed the curtains and then when I opened them again…it was gone. I’d really like to know why this is happening. We were all instructed by the mayor to just ignore this stuff. But how can you ignore it?! It’s everywhere!

My mom disappeared today. I don’t know where she went but she went there. She’s just gone. I dunno. I guess she’ll be back soon. Missing things always turn up eventually, right?

School is off for the next few days because…um…g-ghosts are…haunting the school and possessing anyone who comes in. They’re mad about something, I guess. My friend Stuart tried to talk to one and all it said was, ‘Oooh…give me your lunch money, brah!’ And he gave his lunch money to it. I mean, don’t argue with a ghost, right? My mom taught me that. She hunts ghosts. Maybe that’s where she went. To hunt those ghosts.

My mom is a cool person, I guess. She’s tall and has a warm smile. Her hair is really soft and I like that. Her hair is, like, black, ya know? Or maybe just really dark brown or something.

I don’t really look that much like my mom. Anyway…so, the ghosts are haunting the school and, um, I think they took my friend. My friend Nikki. Nikki is cool. She likes werewolves and vampires and stuff. I told her they’re not real but she says, ‘Jeroun! If ghosts are real, who knows what other stuff is real!’ Nikki isn’t into ghosts that much. But…um…

So, after the ghosts took Nikki I started this little….um…podcast. Because…because we can’t just ignore what’s happening! This is our town! Newcrest is our town! We have to protect the people in it! And I’m the messenger. I’m going to spread the word of what’s going on. I don’t care if Mayor Winchill tries to stop me. I mean…Mayor Winchill isn’t trying to stop me but…if they did I…I wouldn’t care.

I want to make a difference. Anyway, Nikki’s gone and mom’s gone but Stuart’s here! Say hi, Stuart.”

“Hi, Stuart!”

“Ok, shut up, Stuart.

So, um, now I would like to talk about the pool! The community pool is filled with leaches. Don’t go in it! Stuart learned that the hard way.


Stuart? What- where are you going?

Hey, wait-


“Hi, guys! I’m back! Mom’s here, too! So, turns out mom was trying to get rid of these…um…these ghost dogs at the library. So, so, a while back there was a pet day at the library and everyone brought their pets. But one pet ran into the fire place and his fur caught on fire and then the whole place caught on fire and all the pets….died. Their owners were all devastated. Well, I guess they came back as ghosts or something. Anyway, mom got rid of all of them except one! She gave him to me! He’s a little doggy with a squishy face! I dunno what type. A mutt maybe? He has cute little ears and a squished in snout! I’m naming him…uh…Mars. Yeah, Mars. C’mere Mars!”

“Ruff ruff!”

“Haha! Anyway, Stuart’s parents turned into ghosts. Or something like that? They can’t walk through walls or anything but their bodies are entirely white and they’re just standing in Stuart’s living room chanting something inaudible. Mom said Stuart could stay with us until his parents stop being weird so Stuart lives here now. That’s cool, I guess.

Stuart and I have been best friends since I was ten years old. I’m kind of tall and thin but he’s short and pudgy. I dunno. His hair is weird, too. He has…like…purple eyes. Is that normal? To have purple eyes, I mean? I dunno.

Stuart’s really scared. I keep trying to calm him down but….like….it’s not easy, I guess. Hey, Stu- hey, Stuart! Stuart! Ugh…Stuart mom doesn’t allow people in there!”

“S-sorry Jerry…”

“I’m gonna help Stuart get settled in. Until then…um…thanks for listening and goodnight!”